Miguel Ángel Moclán Arpa
Traducción técnica y localización de inglés, japonés y portugués al español.

Technical and scientific translation. English Sworn Translation.

I offer translation, proofreading, localisation and subtitling services. I am an English Sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

I work with English, Japanese, Portuguese and German and my main working areas are technical and industrial, legal and economy translation. I also translate and localise websites and entertainment products such as video games, board games and web series.

Linguistic services


Any sort of Technical, scientific and industrial documents, law and economic translation. Machinery handbooks, patents, balance sheet, Forex, company and business-like documents, contracts, CVs. I also work with wine translation, oenology, tasting notes, labelling and packaging.  


Entertainment, software products and websites localisation. I also have experience in video games and board games translation. Series subtitling and audiovisual products. 

Sworn Translation

Sworn translation from English into Spanish and vice versa. Banking documents, notarial deeds, contracts and wills. I also work for natural persons: academic certificates, degrees and qualifications, criminal records among others. 

Contact email

contact me: info@ma2-traduccion.com